the new life ways and a bike thrown in the deep end

close pass no 2356 + 1

The days when you go on a bike and think its been safe,and been ok then you are onto a winner of a formula.The Sunday am ride is a privilege if you have time and its an essential part for the cycling community everywhere in the world.As cyclists become more, and we have over the last 10 years on countless roads.We should also become more noticeable on roads worldwide by drivers, but do we really have to cope with continual bad passing moves by drivers? This appears to be happening to a greater degree in car dominant cultures.

This is a tale of a few close passing incidents.But its nice to be able to talk about it.

The Sunday ride was passing off pretty nicely until bad pass no1 nearly took me out on a bridge, where the beaten up Nissan with both plenty of space and time showed blind disregard for my personal safely.The Nissan occupants were so close I was nearly smelling their arm-pits.Lets not keep it that close next time..I felt the car breeze in my legs.I did use a few choice words into the wind.It really doesn’t get you anywhere as the little Nissan went oblivious into the distance.

The morning was generally wind free and this also helps with narrowing down hazards on the the road.Its wrong to assume all cyclists think of drivers as being careless and reckless but their are drivers who care about cyclists.The Sunday am ride proved that with evidence of a lorry which slowed before a sequence of bends in the road to let me safely through and the pair of stunning Porsche 911S that obeyed the legal speed limit and gave a wide berth.And of course a few cars etc that beeped horns in both warning and support of a rider who knows the Tour de France will be not happening this year.

As a cyclist who mostly rides on the roads,I have to plan more and more every day and sometimes just look ahead a few hundred metres and think about the driving standards I see and debate the risk of using a particular route.Sometimes you are stuck with the instinct button and you know today is not the day to take a risk that actually should not even be there to start with.Cyclists deserve to given a safe road to ride.

The planner in me decided to finish with a few hill repeats for my training ride.I was thinking to myself,the hill work was coming on fine until the second close pass of the morning by an Audi and Mercedes Combi van driven at speed and in an apparent convey and passing for position on the road.The planner in me was thinking now maybe the recklessness of some people.The Slanghoek road is tight and allows no run-off at speed on a downhill.The chances of remaining in control and upright if you hit the gravel is poor.I could not believe how reckless these drivers were at less than a meters distance from me.The impatience of people just continues to shock me.And this would not be the last time.

The third close pass was from a similar situation where a group of 5 cars were just intent on barging through and again less than a metre or away from me. So really where does this all stop? The more you ride here in the Western Cape, the bigger the danger you feel you are in.Its a sad state of affairs when you encounter reckless and thoughtless drivers who continue to display no regard for another persons safety.The impression of this bike riders is that drivers tend to speed up when they see a rider on a bike and an approaching car from distance.How many times has this happened to me? Countless..And then we rider,and both car drivers are encountered in the same small piece of a road when there is nothing else on the road by a distance.Again why?

I as a rule don’t want to stop riding on the road.its something I love and find satisfaction from but at the some time i don’t want to end up as a traffic statistic.Its getting that dangerous.The consequences of a single mistake does not bear thinking about.

a few weeks of not really cycling at all…

The last 6 weeks has seen me without use of a bike.The days counted down until I returned home to the bikes sitting a bit forlorn and gathering dust in a corner of the garage.The seasonal change was also easy to see.The weather was becoming more foreboding.

There has been a few reflections on my travels away while working, and then meandering on my few days off around cycling culture in London.Maybe culture is a bit weak of a word and the scene is maybe too strong of a word to describe just everyday accessible bike life in London.It feels stronger than before and just as popular.The idea of our leisure hours revolving around bikes unintentionally seems to have gathered pace as the years have gone past.Its a nice and strange place to be in as you get older.The bike is seen as more acceptable and of course more marketable for brands for us paying consumers.

Bikes are an important part of my life in so far,its exercise and sport when the legs want to play on my good days.While away I didn’t actually miss the bikes.I had to be in London for a purpose,on my own grand tour of sorts you could say.The weeks within the walls and wards of the NHS never fail to grip you back into the hands of reality and humility.

I would always look forward to days off and the wandering into town or somewhere to spend a few hours as time was your own.There were little no distractions of other necessary pressures but time needs to be spent well and wisely.The reality was fishing around the cycling world of contentment.

The plan for this years bike was hopefully getting a new full-suspension MTB into my N+1 stable but that’s not going to be a reality in the near future.As I am a recovering road cyclist,a new road bike might be a step too far also and my great partner might not be  impressed, so its easy to soothe my own delusions. I decided on a few gentle upgrades to my trusty Giant Defy.There is no doubting this bike is getting older and when you compare weight to its new counterparts it struggles to a degree.But I am no Contador and have to ride within my means and talent.These are both are low to average but the engine is always lit.

I bought a few bits for the bike including new brakes and a chain.Both have been needing attention and changing for a while.Its hopefully money well spent.It was amusing as the team in Giant Bromley were looking for the spec of my bike and the catalogues were getting more dusty.But at least my bike exists.

As the Giro started I sometimes meandered towards the Rapha Cafe in central London to catch the end of the opening Sicily stages.Those who know my comments on social media regarding Rapha and its image and its over expensive clothing,well I would like to say a humble sorry.The cafe is a vital place for a cyclist to watch live cycling while drinking a decent coffee.I could feel my excitement levels increasing as the stage finished on Etna and being surrounded by others who were fixated by the same experience was a good moment.I caught a few other end of stages there and it was a good space to be in during my time away.And you could be easily tempted by some of their newer Giro styled cycle clothing.

Cycling is absorbed within London living and its everywhere.The element of choice is a vital aspect of its success.The cycling strength comes from the commuter on a “Boris Bike” to the racer with all the kit doing laps around Regents Park before or after work everyday of the week.These are the vital cogs that keep the industry going and allow some shops to thrive and others to just maybe survive in the current era.The chains of Evans to Decathlon who have a great range of own brand products including bikes are other spaces I spend time and a few pounds in.They are great places to replenish a few cycling supplies.


I was asked if I missed cycling in London recently and it was an emphatic no.I just don’t miss the lack of space and not having fresh air.Its amazing what is important as you get older.The need for a degree of safety is never far away.I can look at all the bling a commuter has from the newest carbon road bike but I would gladly trade that off with space and time which I am lucky to have now.

It’s good to be back.Like everyplace in the world it has its challenges but slowly we get where we are going.A bit like our bikes, we have to keep us and them moving…

Comfort zone…Move..

Its 0530am..There is a gentle and cool  breeze in the air.Its one of these beautiful Western Cape mornings and if you are awake, then you have to enjoy the moment.The gravel is moving underneath your bike and you kind of wonder what you are doing awake this early and riding past the early risers.The sun hasn’t even stirred and the legs are moving.The cycling day has begun.And its a beautiful time to be awake.

The sun starts to come up and you see MTB riders on the gravel road.The pros are out to play and they look impressive.The kits, the bikes,all muscle machines and the riders, and they know how to ride them.The weekend warrior that you are. is just here to pay his respects to a new MTB event that is starting locally.

The SA, Western Cape cycling and primarily the MTB part of the sport has reached Rawsonville and with enthusiastic local sponsorship, the new event is the inaugural TransBreedeUltra 2018 which will traverse the local trails and head toward Bainskloof.This event goes over the queens stage of the @CapeEpic2018.This is the most iconic and famous MTB event in the world.The TransBreedeUltra event will allow the local pros and others to test their legs on a hard route.It was to be 121kms of hard graft on a bike.This new event was partnered by a 60km slimmed down version which looked equally as tough to us on the outside.The weather was at least cool as the riders gathered at Du Toits Kloof Cellars, but as you rode around you could feel the nervousness before the start gun.The day was promising a hard day of biking over gravel, sandy tracks and newly crafted single track and also through some of the most beautiful vineyards in the Western cape.This was far from a cold morning in South London

The start of the TransBreedeUltra is close.The milling of the riders acts a nervous warm-up call for the coffee maker in the restaurant.The morning was getting more bright as the

start approached.The Pros comes to the front, the impeccable team kits would be caught in a dust storm very soon.This is MTB bike world.


Ah MTB world.Its different isn’t it ? You,as a weekend rider are just trying to gather new and different skills,and when you go out on the local trails and you hope to improve rather than struggle.The road bike rider in me is always closer than I want him to be.I need those racing lines.The sound of wheels on tarmac is my place.I need to be able to see my riding line but it’s also a great buzz when the legs are in the groove and you are on a MTB.Last Saturday,while the pros were racing I was nearly surviving a morning on the new trails as a weekend warrior.The trails are gems, the old play along with the new.It requires effort to get on the trails but its good when you do.Its fulfilling for a rider.The battle is in both legs and its sometimes relentless.The tiredness will arrive later as in the afternoon.

The comfort zone has been passed and moved.The riding will become more comfortable and the hills become less of a grind and flowing.The legs are moving and working.

Until the sand.The plan is keep the speed high, drift off the line slightly and continue to gather grip.

The sand is a pain!Thats the bad moment….The levels of grip can disappear.The recce of the route was an eye opener.This will be the queen stage of the Cape Epic.The opening hill is sand covered and I was grip-less and it was 35c.Ok bad timing for a bike ride but you know,the bike spirit of adventure takes over.But the views are peaceful and I will be back.I love doing a recce of local trails.If I can ride them then I will try.Its the joy of cycling around this area at the moment.

The front wheel fades.The roll over moment.The bike is having its attention seeking morning.The tyre comes off and the rider does one of these fall over moments.The comedy comes later.I can blame the bike.The ride has been defeated by the new single-track and the tyre loses its sealant and I have to walk like a small fat man down the track.This is a bad moment in my MTB cycling career.Now where is that full suss bike which i have been dreaming about? It’s not here today.I feel I was robbed of another few hours of riding.The legs were in the mood.Damn,these times happen i suppose.

The pressure on the bike…you roll over.Why? The unknown question of tyres and sealant and tasting some dirt.The comfort zone has been touched.The better question of your fitness levels need to be answered.The top end power needs to be sorted and the Argus is a few weeks away.Still time.

Riding a bike is testing.Cant stop can we?


Christmas morning..the bike

When aspects of your life changes its good to enjoy the moments that are precious and create moments of happiness.The few quiet hours before the ridiculous battle of the belly was an opportunity to escape the waiting and pre-calorie counting.In all honesty this world can do without all the over-consumption as others struggle to feed themselves on a daily basis.

My bikes was supposed to stay in a corner and do little yesterday.There were no plans but the time bandits were in a good mood.Since I arrived in SA,the Christmas morning ride has become a bit of a habit and tradition for me.In past years the day was either being worked or sat indoors as the weather never created the window of opportunity.I was lucky as I was able to ride a bike yesterday in the sunshine.

The route wasn’t taxing or “training”.The mood was to meander and enjoy the time.I took the MTB out,and I never saw another recreational cyclist.The local people I saw were on their bikes or walking from their churches and the mood was nice on the road as I rode past.The local people have bikes for getting place to place and hopefully helping them to live better.The local people need to walk and have a bike to live while I need a bike to create a leisure platform.Yes,I am lucky.We mustn’t forget where we are at times.IMG_0244.jpgIMG_0246.jpg


The book of your digestion.

This last week has been really about digestion.The week has been challenging as the world also continues to change around us all,and we all know people getting affected by great changes in society and its uncertainties.

The weeks music listening has been in a good place as “Songs of Experience ” from U2 finally arrived into my music collections.Its a strong,rich and a vibrant album and it will continue to grown into my music life.The standout tracks change from day to day, but at the same times its good to let it rest and mature for a day or so.Once opened its like a bottle of red wine.Let it breathe and have another listen tomorrow.The taste is even better.That was the good digestion story of the week but the other was just a bit misfortunate.

When you pick up a 48hr bug its kind of one of these things when life and food become very separable but its now passed so life is resuming.Its full and fast forward.

For my former colleagues and friends in the northern hemisphere its a very unsettling time.I am lucky to know people form many walks of life and professions and a lot are migrants in our highly mobile world and each have special skills.With these skills they contribute to improving the quality of life for others and society.The looming Brixit agreements is causing untold stress on their lives and they are unable to plan for a future.I hope sense prevails,but who knows, sadly with an arrangement that hasn’t been thought out and its consequences considered.This is a saddening process because its impact will last decades.

Towards other happier aspects about life.Today,the summer decided to arrive.Since arriving in South Africa over two years ago its one part of life here i really enjoy.This is coming from an Irishman who hates the great rain days of Ireland.This is real summer.The feelings of waking up to sun and not a cloud in sight is a joy.But there are consequences of all this warm weather.The Western Cape is a drought afflicted area and the outlook doesn’t look for the foreseeable future.The impact of a lack of water will be felt byIMG_0085.jpg plenty.

On a happier note, the cycling mojo has returned.The body and legs are in the mood.The immediate goals is it drop a few kgs and get a bit of power and speed.And of course endurance.The plan for buying a full-suspension MTB has been put on hold for a year or so.The road bike will be busy over the next few months, but the building of new trails locally here is a great fillip for my cycling adventures and I hope fitness.The resurfacing of my favourite roads as well has caused my cycling  brain to recompute.Cycling can be guide for plenty aspects of life.Sometimes its good to change a habit or two.

The next few months are going to be busy.A few adventures I hope ahead.Even as we get older its good to have a challange or two to keep the mind and soul active.

Thank you for reading.





Songs of Experience -its here..ah

The justice shall be made until the listener finds their own ears.

The long waited release of “Songs of Experience” from U2 is here.The downloading was quick.The album is here.Now lets forget everything else for a while in life.Grab a coffee and forget for a while.

The voyage of discovery within music is immense.The sense of expectation can be overly strong like the first days of spring after a hard winter.The roads can be hard to manoeuvre but as you listen to the first notes of “Love is all we have left” then you know it was going to a great listening adventure.The middle batch of tracks work so well together that they could be an EP of their own,”Summer of love”,”Red flag day”,”The Showman” stand like beacons on loudspeakers and sound even better.They make you smile.

I broke down the album to tracks I haven’t preciously heard to gather that surprise.I didn’t want to surcumb to the versions floating around the Internet.As the album develops you feel the openness of a band happy with their creative worth.I cant find a bad track on this album that I wont listen to again.The collection of tracks have been crafted so well and with the deluxe version of the album you also grab some tracks that only enhance the listening journey.Its worth it as a fan.

Dont be afraid to listen.

Today so far.I have listened to the “Songs of Experience” about 5 or 6 times.This album will be played far more than that today and over the next few weeks.This album needs to stay in any collection.This is a return to form from a band that will always have their critics but thats what maybe spurs them on. I am going to enjoy today.000ee1e6-800


U2- the hidden gems of album tracks.

With only a few days to go before the release of “Songs of experience” its maybe a good time to reflect on the “hidden gems”.U2 as a band over their album releases and years have included strong album tracks.These songs have not been released as singles to be consumed by radio but have been allowed to grow a life of their own when we, the listener tune our ears inward and discover more.These were songs that stuck for a reason.

In the album releases of old, we tended to be lucky in getting a few tracks that were better than the obvious single releases.The quiet troll through the U2 song collection will bring up some forgotten and much loved tracks which are now fans favourites, and you will struggle to hear on mainstream radio.The constraints of the industry and the demands of the 3 minute pop song leaves the obvious “gems” to a more independent listening experience.That of the mix-play list and the last glass of the wine of the day as we gaze out over the landscapes we find ourselves at that moment in time.As with any mixes there will be a continual difference of opinion of what is a “gem” or not.This mans favourite track will change as much as his favourite album preferences.The beauty in song is always there, but songs are like wine, they need time to mature and we can decide for ourselves whats important for our musical listening.This is how I feel about the “hidden gems’.

I have picked a few tracks.The mix-play is always individual.And sometimes I find fault in my own choices.

“Sort of homecoming ” – Unforgettable fire

“Bad ” -Unforgettable fire

“Exit “- Joshua Tree

“In gods country” – Joshua Tree

“God part 2” – Rattle and Hum

“Ultraviolet ” -Achtung Baby”

“Wake up dead man” – Achtung BabyzooropaPop_Cover

“The playboy mansion” -POP

“Dirty day” -Zooropa

“One step closer ” -How to dismantle an atomic bomb

“Grace ” – All that you can leave behind

“Yahweh” -How to dismantle an atomic bomb

As the list gets bigger, the songs become more alive.The joy of listening to all these together is sublime.The need to have another playlist where the music and lyrics have a sense of freedom will always be good.The themes of these songs are sometimes dark,brooding and sometimes throwaway but they still have you engaged and engrossed.These songs are part of the imagination of listening to music.But they also make you work .These to me can be essential listening.

There is an art within an album of  having those 2 or 3 tracks that don’t act as fillers but stand alone as quality pieces of work and give extra definition to the listener.They may not be fully finished as the band said themselves about “POP”,and rushed, but they still belong on a track listing and in your ear-phones.They can make perfect companions on a bus or an evenings walk.The feelings of not wanting to fast -forward during an album and listen to all tracks as they were intended to be is a beautiful experience.I still get that when I listen to a new U2 album..The days of vinyl,the need to turn the side over and gently place your album down.Its time to listen.Sometimes this allows you to reconnect with an album after a while away.These songs could have the potential to be better songs but they have their own voice.The tracks themselves could be a great piece of spontaneity and added gentle reflections of life, but they attempt to capture an era within the album.The hidden gems can be a gathering of the curious soundtrack.Its now has more value and worth to a listener.It breathes new music and life into the listener.This has been U2 over the years as their work matures and gets time to be valued.

The strength of the band over the years has been the ability of the band to create the musical moment.The music at times might not flow freely but they have a purpose of challanging us to listen.As a world we seem to forget how to listen enough.Words can be throwaway but lets hope music continues to not be, and we can continue to be taken to other places.









DEC 1st..”songs of experience”..can we wait ?

The essential wait is nearly over for a new U2 album.We have the title,we have the album cover images and we have the gentle hype machine, cranking up to own our musical needs.We are nearly there as we wait for December 1st.

This album is a journey of its own making.The second part of the “Songs” saga will be delivered soon to our ears.We had the title for a few years now and we, the expectant U2 fans, well we just waited for the moment for it to arrive.The incarnation was longer than expected as a bit of shrew thinking by the org known as U2 thought they would bring out “The Joshua tree ” to tour and stir the musical tastebuds of some lost souls in the musical highway.The classic album was toured to the masses and the songs were re-sung to re-gather the emotions of 30 years ago that seem important for us a world today.To the experienced U2 fan and concert goer the appearance of “In gods country “”Exit ” and “Mother of the disappeared” were the tours highlights until the band hit South America and the album found part of its soul and another part of its musical home.That album and tour had came fully circle for me from Cork in 1987 to rugby pitch in south west London.

The new album has had a leak.I am not going to listen to it.My musical life is full of over wrath fans just waiting for a snippet of that song that we have to listen to.The modern created angst of impatience.The modern fan and the world needs a instant hit, and why ruin the December 1st moment. The “Songs of Experience” the album will be delivered into your inbox.Then we can listen to an album.The delivery process  may seem so instant,disconnected from a great musical band and from music itself.This to some is disposable and quick but its the way it is.

I am sure the frantic and stressed out u2 fans will be hoping for more words from the band released before Friday.The modern social media world throws up frantic typing fans who appear to quote every breaking word from a band member.Its like piercing that grand detective album piece together so a album make sense.The rage of disappointment must have been great as the words disappeared,drifted  away and offered scant clues where the music was.The over reliance by fans on U2 fan sites for clues is like a gruelling game of sport.The day and journey are long but sometimes the rewards are there.But this journeys are punctured by disappointing days of wait.The experienced fan knows to relax,count the days on a giant calendar and turn their attentions to other worldly matters.

The announcement of a new u2 tour also carries added pressure on the fans.The need for tickets,the flawed application system and crazy costs for some.The realisation for fans is that the devotion to the altar of Bono and the band comes at a price.The desire for our journeys to be in that first queue, or be at the front of that stage to get that great view and musical memory.But we all get lost in the pure heady excitement and the world is ok again.

The first 4 tracks of “Songs of Experience” are still being played here on heavy rotation.The are good songs are they will grow on us more but they feel like more pop and its easy to share them.The humming continues for longer than you think.The themes of a rock stars life and this new album possibly mirror-images plenty of their fans.

There are few days until December 1st.The memories from picking up previous U2 albums are still clear in my head as are the days of Dave Fanning playing nearly every track on his shows for new album releases.While initial comments from the critics suggest a very good album, we still need objective reviews.These are part of the essential kit of a musical fan because you rely on trust.The NME and respected critics were always my first place to go.My favourite critics needed to be writers who understood the need for words in their right places.The critical review needed to be honest and strong willed in its intent and steer me towards a piece of music I want to be listening to in a few years time.The classic album review could be made in these words.The words treats the reader to a sense of being part of the album and the creating of a new musical travel road.


There are only a few days to go.Roll on Friday am.Check in-box.Download…and listen.And listen plenty of times…lets hope for a great album.



Lets be honest here…

Ok guys and girls…Who is the perfect cyclist?

Who never makes a mistake with their nutrition ? Hands up…thought so? Its more easy to do the wrong thing rather than do the right thing.And thats most of the time in our cycling “careers”.

Hold those hands up high? Lets share the little cycle guilt trips that we have been storing up for years.Today we can just release….like air in a tyre but at the worst time.When we get a basic of cycling life wrong it feels rather bad.Because it preventable.

We are not the Rapha man or women who is a model for his bike and their art.Lets not be scared of the mistakes we make.Lets us enjoy our mistakes once in a while and create our own private version of nearly doing it right.Thats part of the process in getting to those better places on a bike.

We all make the simple nutrition mistakes.We reach into the fridge and grab what is quick and easy.The nutrition of even the recreational rider can take some thought and especially if he or she has a family and are on a budget.The recreational  rider is now more aware of the value and need of good nutrition even after a few decent hours on the bike.

There are numerous articles on cycling and nutrition but the articles are sometimes misleading and conflicting.The sources of information and research can seem mostly product driven but on the other side there are products and advice that work.We read and take what we need from it.There are the good products and those that will work for us.It takes time to navigate the rivers of products.The more natural and less additives in these products the better.We should aim to use as near to real food as possible.We must not forget we may only spend 6-8 hours on a bike per week and in that time, our input should not exceed our calorie output.

So let’s do it right.Weight yourself once a week.Do not become obsessed with every little gramme.Feel healthy as you put your self on the scales and just enjoy getting into your cycling kit.Thats the best big question after 6-8 weeks.Do you feel better and does your cycling kit feel looser? If the answers to all this is “yes”? Then the cycling road has got easier.

Breakfast – porridge with honey and get the coffee going.Now thats the first source of nutrition for the amateur and the professional.!None of this espresso stuff.Have a pot going for the morning while you work out the route.You need to get those hours and miles in.And of course you need to think about kit choice.

There are 2 bottles for the road.There is one filled with electrolytes and magnesium.This is the most important drink for the rider doing under two hours which is my type of ride at the moment and especially for warmer weather.The second bottle is normally only sipped.The sometimes weaker carbo mix is a trick to tell me to use my adequate fat reserves.I use a natural tasting drink so I really wonder if this works for me.And for using the “fat”reserves? I will get back to you on that theory.

On the bike eating.This is where I make the big mistakes.The wind is strong here and I make efforts which require calories.The refuelling bar is a simple oat bar and if I can sneak a chocolate flavoured oat bar from the cupboard that’s even better.Good for the cycling morale.I have often neglected eating on the bike with the thought I will lose weight by not eating.And promptly forgetting I need to fuel up for tomorrow.The window for tomorrow starts today.The little things make the most difference.This is something I am trying  more and I hope it contributes to stronger riding over 3hrs and more.

As a recreational rider I don’t do recovery.Why? because I haven’t done enough training and expended a crazy amount of calories so I try to be normal.I try and concentrate on being “normal” but the real issues start now.

A lovely lunch post ride.”Anything left from last nights dinner?”… You can’t waste food when the world is starving.Just add a salad as well…but you crave a ham sandwich while you prepare everything.The hunger window starts and then you look around the kitchen.Good coffee will do.The pangs of the love handles talk too much.This becomes the bad moments of the cyclists and his error filled ways.

I have been failing for a while with adequate hydration.Its something I should be doing right as I was always communicating it to my previous nursing teams.I forget to drink enough water and even bring some fluid home post ride.Plan should be to drink more.

Lets not munch pre dinner.No secret meals.Lucky I can avoid this.The coffee pot is a great stopper and that last banana.I have been known to make good banana bread.Again the easy way to put on a few calories.

Dinner….the need for change.My crew hate having chicken very few days.No problem for me.And some only want pasta with a cheese based sauce! Cant you see whats going  wrong here ? We try.Give this rider plenty of vegetables.Lucky I try and win these battles of the kitchen.

The empty calorie count can appear with evening time.The fridge calls and you see a lonely beer.Well it can’t stay in there on its own? And that packet of crisps? Always thinking of those useless things that cause the jersey to be a bit tighter of this imperfect cyclist.

img_0587.jpgIts hard being a monk cyclist.I have major respect for the young guys are girls who turn pro and forget to eat the rubbish things.At this time of the year we start planning to have a great Spring and Summer of bike riding and only recently I have noticed weight being more of an issue.The 16 week rule will start when I return from a work trip in the UK.The 16 week rule is less of empty calories and better eating habits.

We all have aims and ambitions.I will have to DSC_1283try to ride the Cape Town Cycling Tour in 2018.I want to break 4hrs.And I want to be able to able to respond to surface changes on my MTB.When I am lighter I know I can get faster and better.Its easy to poke fun at ourselves but harder to make that few simple changes.Time to try harder now.








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